Sandakan-Ranau Death March (1942 - 1945)
The Sandakan Track – Best Death March Tour in Borneo

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Trek And Adventure Programs For Schools

As an educator or mentor interested in the welfare of students, are you concerned that, as they near the end of their secondary school education, many of today’s youth fail to appreciate that a fascinating world exists outside their own immediate environment? Are you also concerned that many young people, especially those raised in a privileged community, have never been confronted with, nor undertaken, any real challenge?

If you would like to give the students in your care the opportunity to explore their limitations, to grow in confidence and maturity by tackling a stimulating mental and physical challenge, to understand and appreciate the value of teamwork and mateship, to learn about a different culture, to commune with nature in an exotic environment, or simply to enjoy new and exciting experiences outside their usual comfort zones, then Tham Yau Kong, of TYK Adventure tours, can help.

There is plenty of choice, ranging from the standard 8-day and 12-day treks along the death march route to custom-designed trips catering for special interest groups. Tham and his dedicated and highly trained team have an excellent record in organising and conducting treks and adventure tours in Sabah for students, including programs suitable for the prestigious and challenging Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Let Tham, a multi-award winner with a long and enviable list of achievements, create a trekking or adventure program to suit your school’s individual needs, as well as your budget.

Activities offered can include trekking from two to six days along the Sandakan Death March track or, if preferred, along other well-established trails; a jungle survival course conducted by expert Dusun guides; climbing Mt Kinabalu; excursions into the interior to experience Sabah’s abundant wildlife; off-road adventure cycling; homestays with local people; island visits and general sightseeing.

A typical one-week program might offer two or three days of trekking, followed by a trip into the mountainous interior, a fascinating train ride with villagers through the Padas Gorge, an excursion to Kota Klias to observe proboscis moneys in the wild, and a two day jungle survival course at the famous Miki Survival School on the slopes of Mt Kinabalu.

Accommodation to suit every budget is available, from five-star hotels to eco-lodges to home and farmstays with friendly village people.

Just contact Tham Yau Kong, with details of your students’ or school’s particular needs, and he will create an individual adventure program to introduce your students to a whole new world.

For more information, contact TYK Adventure Tours or,if you prefer, discuss your options with our colleague in Australia, historian and former schoolteacher, Lynette Silver, at [email protected]

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